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Donate to AJ Armstrong's Fight for Freedom

Donate to AJ Armstrong's Fight for Freedom

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Donate to AJ Armstrong's Fight for Justice


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As many of you know, AJ Armstrong was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life in prison for capital murder on August 16, 2023. What you may not know is the degree of corruption, mishandling of evidence, and clear bias placed against AJ during the last 7 years. We are asking for your help, not only in correcting the verdict of an innocent man, but also in identifying and exposing the various points of corruption and malpractice displayed by the City of Houston and the Houston Police Department.

AJ’s family and friends have stood closely by him for 7+ years in support of his innocence, yet the need to fight for justice has never been more prominent in our lives. Unfortunately, after three trials and 7 years, AJ’s family and friends have exhausted all funds to continue paying for defense, appellate, and civil rights attorney fees to seek justice. We have not, and will not, ever stop fighting to bring AJ home. One innocent person in prison is one too many. We respectfully ask you to help us fight for AJ by donating below. All donations will go towards AJs defense fund.

Thank you for your consideration, the road ahead is long and we will need all the support, engagement, and prayers from the community to help restore the life of an innocent father, husband, brother, and friend.
If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to us via email or click the contact button on our main menu. 

***ANY and ALL donations received go directly to Mrs. Armstrong (AJ's wife) to go towards AJs defense fund
Donations are not tax exempt. 
The Armstrong Family ❤️

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